I’ve been doing creative work for most of my adult life. I first discovered my ability to draw during a college math class, where I ended up doodling to pass the time. I never thought much about these drawings, but I was fascinated to see the strange things that emerged from within me. I was particularly fascinated by the fact that I seemed to have an innate sense of what organic forms look like, even without looking at anything in the material world.

I paint in a very organic and surreal style, which seems to emerge out of nowhere. I am still surprised to this day what I create, as I start most artwork with no plan, no idea what I will paint.

I am the host of a mini video series on Twitter called Top5NFT in which I explore different themes in cryptoart. It is released on my Twitter account, @stellabelle every day.

My Future Fantastic series is an exploration of this surreal world that emerges organically and subliminally from within me.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased my art so far. I really appreciate your support and patronage.