Stargaze is a female artist based in London. She is a self-taught conceptual artist and favours a more graphic style in her 2D and new 3D work. Her art can be identified by my monochrome characters, bold lines and pops of colour. The monochrome characters represent inclusivity - they do not depict a particular ethnicity, social background or political view. She has historically worked on a lot of pieces centred around home fashion outside the crypto space. In most recent years this has developed into mural pieces and focused on topics that are at the heart of her beliefs such as empowerment, science and seeing the beauty in life and death.

The series she brings to crypto in December 2021 is a development of this and combines the above aspects of her work into style she now feels at home and comfortable with and feels it represents her inner most energy... STARSkulls.

More info soon...

Time in crypto:
Having been in the crypto space since the beginning of 2021 her artwork has sold on Rarible and Foundation, she also loves to collect work from peers and artists she looks up to in this space, her strong belief in sharing good fortune with those around her see's her supporting upcoming artists in the space to keep the cycle

'Head in the stars & digital universe' - Stargaze Arts