Snoop Dogg x BossLogic


Known for decades as one of the cornerstones of Hip Hop and one of the most successful artists of all time, Snoop has also been an avid collector and supporter of NFT creators, amassing an extremely valuable collection anonymously over the last 18 months. With the announcement of Death Row records becoming an NFT label, the launch of Snoopverse (Via Sandbox) and a massive music project via the Gala music platform. Snoop continues to grow as one of the major powerhouses and creators in the NFT space.

BossLogic is a giant in the entertainment industry, from humble beginnings, creating "fan art" and posting on social media, he is now regularly commissioned by Marvel and DC to create art for their movies. He's become so influential that the studios even take notice of his "Fan Cast" art where he will choose actors for characters and create his own "mash up" poster. In 2017 he created a work portraying Rosario Dawson as a character in The Mandalorian, it gained so much popularity that it got the attention of Rosario and the producers that she actually landed the part! As Boss Logic's work is natively digital, the NFT space allowed his millions of fans to actually collect and own work by him, making him one of the most successful artists in the NFT space.

"iv gallery" and sister company digital nativ, played a key role in the mainstream NFT art adoption phase through 2020 and 2021 by attracting and developing some of the most successful creators and content to date, Beeple, WhIsBe, Boss Logic, Shakira, Super Plastic, and Billelis to name a few. iv gallery/digital nativ developed the first Movie IP NFT collection with Godzilla vs. Kong for Legendary Pictures/WB, the first original audio NFT collection from a mainstream musician with Shakira, and created the first AI humanoid robot NFT artist, Sophia the robot. Learn More



SUPERCUZZ....a next generation superhero born from the streets of Angel City, who enjoys the high flying lavish lifestyle as a self made crypto-trillionaire, but also dedicates himself to smoking the forces of evil and weeding out crime!

Snoop Dogg and BossLogic (with creative direction from Cordell Broadus and Kai Henry) have collaborated to create the Genesis NFT drop for SUPERCUZZ, a new comic book superhero that is set to take the world by storm. The animated comic book covers (with audio from Snoop) and graphic stills, will act as access points to SUPERCUZZ and his adventures, and will carve out a whole new model for fan interaction within the comic book genre in Web3. The collection is curated and presented by iv gallery.

The SUPERCUZZ collection features both a series of four limited edition animated artworks (25 editions each at $1,500 USD per edition) and a series of five open edition graphic still artworks ($275 USD per edition). Collect all five stills and you’ll get an airdrop of the 5th animated limited edition of Enter the Pimp Cave.

Open Limited Editions

Collectors that purchase one of each Open Edition receive exclusive access to ENTER THE PIMP CAVE (Animated). Open Editions are available for a limited time only.


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