Hello there !
My name is Jayant Mall aka, "SmokedShip". I am a Digital Artist, Concept Designer and Graphic Novel artist.
Here on MakersPlace and in the NFT-verse I will be creating rare experiences of Digital Artwork where each piece is crafted with an utmost attention to detail and good ol' fashioned hard work, melding together an enthusiasm for life, machinery, science fiction, philosophy, Otaku Subculture and a whole lot more!

In daily life I love Biking, collecting diecast vehicles, electronic entertainment (I try not to call it, "gaming"), reading, movies, music, anime, vehicles etc. One of my favorite pastimes is sitting down with the gang over a cup of coffee and discussing the philosophies and inspirations behind various intellectual properties.

I can be found all over the net with the callsign of, "SmokedShip" be it for art/design, social networks, xbox/psn/steam etc.

I hope that your visit here in my gallery would count as one of the highlights of your day :)

Cheers and God bless!