My love of art began at a very young age. As a child, I was constantly drawing and painting. Whether it was for art contests or just to see the ideas that were floating around in my mind realized on paper or canvas, I always had either a paintbrush or pencil in my hand. I was also fortunate enough to have two extremely talented artists as parents who were both my biggest critics and my biggest supporters. Many of you already know my father (Jose Delbo) and his comic art background, but my mom is an amazing artist as well. Her passion is painting flowers.

While my parents helped me learn the proper techniques when I was young, my style was always a bit different from the lifelike, well proportioned figures that my father drew for the comics. I was fascinated by painters such as Escher, Gaudi, Brito and more. I loved using bright colors in my pieces and depicting my characters in a more abstract manner embodying themes like love and joy. Even my method of painting was a bit...different. Although my parents bought me the “proper” table and easel, it always perplexed them that my preference was to work on the floor! To this day, I do the majority of my work on the floor!

As I grew older, I had the opportunity to study art and psychology in college. This further molded my work as I was able to refine my style by studying the work of history’s greatest artists. But I always knew that I wanted to have my own style. And as I became more confident with my art, I was able to pour my heart and personality onto each canvas.

I have worked professionally in the art field for over twenty years as a graphic artist, fine artist and art representative. My most interesting project, albeit the most challenging, was when I was asked to paint a baby grand piano for a charity event. That was an intimidating project but in the end, I loved doing it! I went on to also paint a Fender electric guitar base. My next “instrument” project...maybe a Cello? Any takers?