Shurooq Amin

A Woman of Importance: The Knife Series

Kuwait’s OG NFT Queen, Shurooq Amin, is a renowned artist and poet who strives to instigate positive change in society.

Amin is the Founder and Curator of Kuwait's First IRL NFT Exhibition, "WAGMI." Running from Nov 15th - December 18th the exhibition will include workshops and talks.

Amin has been a traditional artist for 30 years and an NFT artist for 2 years. In 2012, an exhibition she held in Kuwait City under the name "It's a Man's World" was shut down within three hours for including "inappropriate" content, as it depicted Arab men living double lives. But she came back bolder than ever, and when the authorities shut down her 15th solo art exhibition again in January 2020 on the false premises that her work "encourages immorality" she fought back peacefully with a collection of NFTs that can’t be censored by the government.

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‘A Woman of Importance’ as a title is a twist on Oscar Wilde’s play ‘A Woman of No Importance’ (1893), which satirized society’s morals and double standards in regards to men and women.

This Drop, Shurooq Amin's genesis release on MakersPlace, is an exploration of the literary symbolism of women’s fertility and sexuality in cultures throughout history, using motifs of the pomegranate. In the artworks in this series, the woman is voluptuous, owning her sexuality, with a knife in hand (knife = the language of the patriarchy), symbolically empowering her to “slice” through that pomegranate, and destroying the stereotypical image of her perceived throughout history in previous paintings, poems, books, etc.

The story behind these women is told in a humorous way, with sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek, almost with the voice of a child reading a Fairytale, albeit a Dystopian one...because, after all, that is the stuff we grew up with, the nightly brainwashing of whimsy and beginnings of that blanket of insecurity and unrealistic expectations being fed into our imaginations every night at our beds by our parents.

Shurooq Amin has partnered with a verified (authorized by the Government of Kuwait) charity organization called Give to donate 50% of all her NFT sales to charity. ‘Give’ caters to diverse charities from all around the globe.

Unlockable Content

Each artwork comes with its own poem, in the way of Unlockable Content. You're left to wonder about the abstract concept of Truth: what is real, the poem or the art, the text or the image?


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