Shasa was born into a family far from art, but she began drawing at the age of five and has not stopped since then. Perhaps her interest in fine art was transmitted to her through the genes of her father, who all his life had a subtle sense of beauty and was fond of collecting books on art. After reaching twelve years old, Shasa independently went to study at the children's art school in her hometown with the strange name of Krivoy Rog. Later, she attended private studios, where, under the guidance of good teachers, she mastered the basics of visual literacy. Later, she began to paint and sell her paintings as a street artist. Now, when there is a war in her home country, the demand for works of art has sharply decreased and the artist is in creative thought. The appearance of her works on this platform is an attempt to declare herself as an original creator, not only in a narrow local place such as Ukraine, but also outside her country.