I'm a film producer and an artist: I've had films shown at INT'L film festivals including being nominated for the top prize at South by SouthWest; as a commercial artist I’ve done work for Gretsch guitars amongst others; I wrote an article in the English edition of Schmalfilm, Germany's longest running magazine dedicated to super 8 and 16mm filmmaking that was nominated for a journalism award by Kodak; finally, my art has been featured in juried gallery exhibitions in the United States, Europe, and NFTs featured in galleries in Decentraland, in China, and throughout the Metaverse.

I make generative art out of fractals and other algorithmic methods, I also use photography, super8mm film, 16 / super 16mm film, polaroids, video synths, animation, illustration, painting, and various other analog and or digital methods in my practice. Pretty much whatever. Mixed media.