San Herman López, a.k.a. Sanzei.

For as long as I can remember, art has been my safe place. As a child, my notebooks and sketchbooks became my sanctuary. When I drew and wrote, everything negative around me felt easier to manage. It became a way for me to imagine a world under my control.

I attended art school for media arts and animation from 1996 to 2000. There I continued to develop my skills but more importantly, I became more aware of therapeutic comforts within the arts. What I learned enabled me to grow, learn, and adapt to many different environments.

Photography was one of the arts I explored early on, but it always felt out of reach for many reasons. 2015 was a year of new horizons, and revisiting my old camera became a mission. Photography immediately allowed me to learn, grow and heal. I felt like it became an extension of me like many art tools before. Since then, I have implemented many methods and techniques I have learned from other crafts. As I develop my style and identity as an artist, photography continues to gift me balance and clarity.

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