Santiago Picatoste, a Mallorcan artist who settled in Malaga 10 years ago, reproduces in his work a lyrical and dynamic feeling, which acts as a catalyst for his life experience.

Oriented towards a “hyper aesthetic” abstraction, he relies with some emphasis on the use of color as a leitmotif, since it appears in his work as a reverberation, or structure, as a “specular landscape” loaded with evocations of his own “visual archive”.

His work reflects a certain plastic forcefulness, collected in the trace of the pictorial gesture, his way of using paint, textures and color combinations, with notable references to nature and a more sophisticated urban language.

His last years are marked by a more alchemical way of researching and producing his work in the studio. A constant link and balance between the traditional and the industrial can be appreciated, in some projects, almost becoming a “hybrid”. Especially when he uses methacrylate, aluminum, wood, enamels, industrial chloroform, acrylic resin, polyvinyl acetate, etc.

This binomial "enshrines" a certain distinctive stamp in his career and way of understanding the plastic. With an abstraction that aims to show the “frozen” pictorial gesture, like a frame (pictorial, dynamic, captured movement), on the surface. Or as the artist himself likes to call it; "Pictorial crystallization".

All this makes up a great orchestration, celebration of painting, the emergence of freedom, a tribute universe that connects with the subjectivist spirit of that New York school that made painting an event in itself.