Saks Afridi

Woven Portals

Saks Afridi is a Pakistan born, New York City based multi-disciplinary artist. He makes futuristic art inspired by ancient South Asian and Middle Eastern culture. He does this through a genre he terms as ‘Sci-fi Sufism’, where he fuses mysticism and futurism to discover worlds and galaxies within the self.

His art has been exhibited in galleries, biennials and museums around the world. Earlier this year, he curated Pakistan's first NFT exhibition. His works have shown on Superrare, Foundation, Opensea and now Makersplace. In addition to NFT works, he is currently working on a museum show opening in 2023 in Vienna, Austria. A full exhibition list is viewable at

In addition to accomplishments as a visual artist, Afridi is a renowned art-based Creative Director with 20 years of US and global experience. He's the proud recipient of two Gold Cannes Lions, three D&AD, two One Show Pencils, and a UN Award for Peace and Understanding. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, CNN and The Colbert Report among others.

“My practice…investigates the predicaments and perplexities of the life of an “Insider Outsider.” I define this as the practice of achieving a sense of belonging while being out of place, finding happiness in a state of temporary permanence, and re-contextualizing existing historical and cultural narratives with the contemporary.” — Saks Afridi Learn More



WOVEN PORTALS is a collection of 100 artworks that blend spaceship navigation interfaces with the infinite geometry of Persian rugs. Each artwork is part hand-generated, part software-generated, a collaboration between man and machine, tradition and technology.

The primary ingredients in these artworks are Persian rugs and spaceship interfaces. Secondary ingredients include engineering schematics, astrological grids and Arabic and Urdu Calligraphy. The process of making each work begins with a base composition of ingredients, which are then vectorized, outlined and algorithmically blended into each other multiple times in various directions, creating an intricate blended object with a unique persona of its own.

Collector Bonuses

Each artwork comes with a companion piece B, that will be airdropped to the winning bidder.

Each NFT in the WOVEN PORTALS series includes a printable PDF file. These vector-based works can be printed at any size without losing quality. Collectors are invited to print the artwork on any material in any size.


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