Blutmond Electric (4/7)

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#2 ‘Blutmond Electric’
This is #4 of a series of 7 artworks called:
‘7 Abstract Contemplation's on the concept of Floating in 80 x 64 pixel’

Title: Blutmond Electric (4/7)
File type: GIF
Image size: 640 x 512 pixel
Frames: 27 Frames
Year of creation: 2019

Additional Details:
  • 512 x 640 px, GIF (552.9 KB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
    What does this mean?



I really like the colors and the reflection of the spinning planet like sphere. Very nice work!

Indrani Mitra

yup.. totally Tesla vibes there . I love the reflection - the color combination is super attractive and it has a game like feel. I almost feel like I need to do something to make it do something magical and say "congratulations! you are a winner" ( well I may have clicked on it once or twice ) :p


Woah... This is fantastic, Gert-Jan! Definitely one of my favourites from you so far, along with "Twin Galaxies" ... Like Norma, this definitely takes me back to the late nineties and further back too, to when I first started playing PC games... KingsQuest, Simfarm, Lemmings, etc.
Also, the first GIF was of an airplane flying through the sky ;) Just google "first gif ever" .. I actually made a marble card from a giphy page of it. Careful about asking what marble cards are though, you might end up spending all your ETH ;P

Gert-Jan Akerboom

First gif? That makes me curious, ill look it up when im home from work

Gert-Jan Akerboom

I actually spend some hours a couple of months ago looking up old pictures of the tesla lab online. I forgot about it but it must have been an influence for this piece. O the wonders of the unconcious ; ) thanks for the comments guys!


An excellent creation that goes back to the first gif that was seen on the internet back in 2000. So many memories! and they were incredible, magical.

ruth allen

Lightning striking again and again and again and again! That fiery planet, suspended by the jade apparatus, super nice colour combo. Can’t wait to see what you do next! And agree with Mike about the Tesla feel.

Mike Butler

Great GIF Gert, it makes me think of one of Tesla’s experiments.


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