The Golden Memory Project

This Project is where I cover up 5 oil paintings with a layer of Spray Paint Gold, scan them in High Resolution (1200 x 1200 DPI) and spray them over with new colors. I have these wooden panels in my surroundings for some years and they contain many hours of me spending time with them. I live and work with them. I paint and try to find an image in the layers of paint and brushstrokes. To celebrate the time together I've sprayed them Gold, digitized them and then covered this phase of the panel again with a new layer. The Golden Memories are tokenized on MakersPlace and only resonate online. Offline I can continue working on the panels and gather fresh ingredients for new digital art pieces. Until this process stops, and that's when it moves into the hands of a collector. When staying around me, a painting is always at risk of getting changed.