Rudy-Jan Faber, b. 1981 Drachten, the Netherlands, is an illustrator, concept artist and painter working and living in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.
Rudy studied graphic design, illustration and is a bachelor graduate in Multimedia Design, minoring in Game Design. After his graduation Rudy has worked two years as a full time concept artist for an indie game developer and has worked on various other game projects as a freelancer.

Rudy’s professional work currently consists mainly of book illustration for young readers. This is a field of illustration he tremendously enjoys.
Rudy is the co-creator of the story driven webcomic WaterFront on

Rudy’s personal oeuvre is difficult to define within one single style or movement as he loves working in various styles (and specializing in them all), ranging from cartoons to realism, and works both in digital as traditional media.
Although Rudy is an artist who’s regularly switching back and forth between obsessive artistic phases and ventures, certain themes are often recurring. Themes such as influenced by his love for tattoos, Rock ‘n Roll, Americana and Japanese art and folklore are often very apparent, as well as power girls and women often taking a lead role in his work.

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