I lived part of my life in Massachusetts and New Hampshire (USA). I currently live in Massachusetts working on my Masters in CS at Georgia Tech.

When all is said and done, my experiences of road trips, fun culinary experiences, gardening, spending time with my family, and travelling to other countries. take on a new life on my canvas.

I love using watercolors, pencils and pens on thick 140 lb paper. I also love painting with Bob Ross using oil paints or ProCreate on my iPad. I love using opensource software tools like Inkscape and GIMP. I also love using coding to push the limits of color and shape. My current coding language of choice is Javascript.

I am the creater of the 100 EOS logos series, blogged on Steemit for a few years, and I am the former editor-in-chief of Bitcoin Magazine. I have a couple poetry books published on Amazon as well.

If I had to provide a spirit animal, it would be a cheetah, because I love creating in quick bursts.