Rogan X has been creating things that are difficult to look at in one form or another since he was born. An early adopter of personal computing, he was able to type his name on a Macintosh Classic before learning to read or write. What followed was an angst-ridden psychopomp that lasted several decades, from which emerged a capable and robust man with a fondness for poetry and good scotch. Rogan X creates digital art by combining techniques from photomanipulation to generative. No subject is taboo, no image is too large.
In the pursuit of a tortured, yet not entirely unreasonable aesthetic - Rogan X buries the hatchet with deft strokes and a practiced hand. A career welder, he is no stranger to difficult undertakings. Beyond being an artist, Rogan X is a student of Life, a supporter of fellow artists, a decent Human Being and an amateur gardener.