Rob Liefeld

BloodStrike - 30th Anniversary

Rob Liefeld is an Illustrious comic book Creator, Writer, Artist and Author from Orange County, CA, best known as the creator of everyone's favorite Merc With A Mouth, Marvel's "Deadpool". His 30+ year career spans work on many of the industry's top-tier comic franchises from both DC and Marvel including the X-Men, Captain America, The Avengers, Spiderman, X-Force, Teen Titans and Hawkman. His big break came in 1991 when Marvel handed him the reins of the ailing New Mutants Franchise. He created dozens of new characters including Domino, Shatterstar, Stryfe, Wildside and Warpath to name just a few but it was his creation of Deadpool, first seen in New Mutants #92, that changed it all.

He single handedly reinvigorated the franchise. Deadpool, along with one of Liefeld's other popular creations, Cable, was spun off when Liefeld created X-Force. X-Force #1 quickly became a runaway hit selling over 5 million copies and still stands as the number #2 highest selling comic book of all time. Learn More



To celebrate the April 1992 premiere of Image Comics’, Deadpool creator and Image Comics Co-Founder Rob Liefeld is releasing Bloodstrike #1 Re-mastered for a special NFT edition to celebrate 30 years of the original comic!

This is a new, unpublished digital comic book that reimagines the 1992 origin story. When you purchase, you’ll download a full 29 page PDF comic book.

The winning buyer of the Bloodstrike Heroes 1/1 auction will receive the only hand-drawn original by Rob Liefeld that gives the winner Rob’s original pencil art as well as the digital NFT comic with the 1 of 1 cover and an autographed and graded physical copy of the book with a Zoom call from Rob.

Open Limited Editions

The first 200 buyers of at least one "Bloodstrike Mystery Box" edition and the complete set of the five other cover variants will receive a limited edition physical printing of the "Blood Brothers Variant" signed by Rob Liefeld.


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