Risto Kütt was born in Rakvere, Estonia. Back in the good old 1993. He's been into animation and all the art stuff since very early age, cause his Sun is in Pisces and Jupiter in Libra + there's a Sextile between his Sun and a Neptune, which marks his appreciation for music and the arts. Produced his first animation in the late 2007 and kept making shorts and fairy stupid animations on YouTube...From time to time... In 2012 he graduated Väike-Maarja Gymnasium and decided to go study Animation at the Estonian Academy of Arts, under the hand of legendary Priit Pärn + (Bunch of other smaller legends). Films made during his studies were "Boogers" (2014) and "Siga jääb seaks/Pig remains pig" (2015) which was in collaboration with Kelli Kustavus. After getting his BA in Animation, he ventured on to England, to do his MA (Animation) in Farnham at the University for the Creative Arts. A film called "Porgandia" was born in 2016. After becoming a Master of Arts with Distinction in Animation, he came to the Crossroads, just to sell his soul to the Devil and produce 3 films in the time frame of 2017-2019.
Now he's just kicking it as a freelance artist.