Richard Wright is an artist currently living and working in the UK.

While studying Graphic Design at Art College I got a summer job at Games Workshop. The summer job turned into a full-time job and I spent the next few years illustrating Space Marines and Orks.

After GW I worked for a video games company, and then a couple of years later a studio called ArkVFX where we created pop promos, commercials and video game cinematics.

During this time I started working on Magic the Gathering and the World of Warcraft trading card games. I eventually left to work full-time as an illustrator/concept artist.

I've been working freelance for about 10 years, creating illustrations and concept art for various companies - Adidas, BioWare, Blur, Bungie, CMON, Crytek, D&D, EA, Love Death + Robots, Netflix, One Pixel Brush, Take Two Interactive.