Ricardo Cavolo is a Spanish artist based in the heart of Madrid. His eclectic international style comes from his relationships with folk art, traditional tattoo culture, European medieval imagery, and the tribal arts. Cavolo’s art is all about stories, characters, and their experiences across time. Utilizing art as a complex narrative, Cavolo often focuses on portraiture. These depictions propel protagonists to champion their unique tales. Referencing historical and fictional illustrations, his use of symmetry and symbolism connects to a modern and playful audience.

Notably, he collaborated with Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Kaytranada, Swizz Beatz, Mercedes Benz, Air Jordan, Bally, Starbucks, EA Sports and Superplastic. Cavolo’s portfolio features public murals and art exhibitions across the globe from Moscow to Mexico City. His body of work includes paintings, illustrations, graphic novels, fashion, and toys.