Oaxacan Comparsa

Pablo Esteban Sánchez Rijlaarsdam (AKA REY 😎👍) is a Mexican/Dutch visual artist. His motto is non-stop art creation 🔥. That's what he lives by. RΞY is a renown artist and can draw in many different styles. RΞY's current style of creation utilizes bold lines and colors, lots of contrast, and focuses on using sophisticated details to accentuate his work. His works are "busy"--laden with imagery, iconography, layered meaning and nuance. One look at RΞY's works will leave you not only wanting more, but needing more. You will always find a new detail, meaning or message in RΞY's work. Learn More



"Oaxacan Comparsa" showcases a "comparsa," a traditional Mexican parade whereby people dress up as "Calaveras" to invite their deceased family members and make them feel at home during the Day of the Dead. The setting for this work is the church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán in Oaxaca. The main goal of this work is to capture the essence of a comparsa and the spirit of the Día de los muertos celebration in the state of Oaxaca.


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