Rewind Collective are a digital arts collective aimed at addressing the gender and minority imbalances throughout the art world.

We create original digital works, digital editions, and digital works in response to existing physical artworks. We aim to uplift women and minorities through our work, the largest groups of people who have been traditionally marginalized by the art world.

Did you know that the twenty most expensive artworks in the world are by white men? It is time to rewind back the patriarchy, misogyny and segregation and shine a light on those who deserve to be seen and heard. Learn More



A heroic collection celebrating the female leadership and strength. The first 5 Pixelated Heroes are released exclusively on MakersPlace, as a set of three Open Editions and two Limited Editions.

As an early adopter of Pixelated Heroes project, the precursor to the 5555 Pixelated Heroes collectible project, collectors will receive a number of special, exclusive benefits including:
* Exclusive airdrops for early collectors
* Early access to minting, once the full collection drops
* Primary voting rights on roadmap initiatives, including charitable contributions

To learn more about the Pixelated Heroes project, visit the project website.

Open Limited Editions

Open editions are available to mint for 24 hours. If 25 editions or more are minted of an open edition, a 15 minute countdown timer will start, after which minting will close for that artwork.


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