Reed Zimmerman (Lightnightrenders) is a self taught C4D artist who went to school for film, but quickly knew he wanted more than just a record button. Zimmerman has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Nvidia, Wilson Volleyball, and Taylormade golf on creative projects. He describes himself as, "addicted to making loopable renders" and spends much of his free time experimenting in C4D. Learn More



Full Spectrum’ focuses on four robotic humanoid bipeds from the distant future – a "New Earth" – each generating electromagnetic radiation through their individual treadmills, helping them to remain on the same wavelength. Natural gas is now a thing of the past and tripping the light fantastic is the only thing that’s keeping things moving.

"I was inspired to create this drop to convey my own ideas of what the Metaverse / future has in store for us. Most Robotic humanoids have been depicted on TV and in movies with a depressing and gloomy look, but I wanted to create robotic creatures with more vibrancy and color."

Open Limited Editions

Collector Reward: Collectors that purchase two or more editions from FULL SPECTRUM BIPEDS will automatically receive FULL SPECTRUM ABBEY ROAD as a bonus artwork. To qualify, purchase any combination of Open or Limited Editions.

Minting available for 24 hours only. Artwork purchased through Open Editions will be delivered within 48 hours of the end of the minting window.


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