The Rare Digital Art Feast is a food and drink-centric digital art exhibit held in San Francisco on June 20th 2019, and an event for creators, art collectors and art lovers.

Enthusiasts will learn how digital art can actually be as unique as your grandmother's secret recipe, what opportunities there are for collecting art, and how blockchain opens up a whole new world of benefits that creators and collectors can eat up to their heart's content.

The artists featured include: Joe Chiappetta, Risto Kutt, Floortje Visser, Alexander Van Glitch, Cosme, Umair Anwar (All in a GIF), Jarid Scott, Luke Dague (Punk_Rock_Edit), Kristoffer Hyde, Luis Buenaventura, Jonathan Pritchard, Salvator Rapisarda, Skeenee, Passione43, and Maximillian Piras.

The show also features a panel including four veterans in the blockchain and art space:

Joe Chiappetta is a father, author, founder, and pioneering blockchain artist. He won the Xeric Award for Silly Daddy Comics - the longest running autobiographical family comic series in the world; founded Chicago's Workforce Developer Network (WDN) - a consortium working together to place more people with disabilities in jobs; and, is a rare digital art collector and educator.

Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, featured in 40 under 40 Europe 2018, is an art world executive who's worked in the industry for more than a decade. Before moving to San Francisco, she was the Executive Director of viennacontemporary which made the Top 20 Art Fairs Worldwide list. In April 2019 she co-founded with Micha Benoliel.

Our moderator for this event's panel is Matt Condon - Co-host of the podcast Digitally Rare. He is also a blockchain artist, co-produced and hosted the very successful NFT Summit in San Francisco, is an XLNT person, and has also written awesome articles such as, An Artist's Guide to the Blockchain.

Dannie is CEO and Co-founder at MakersPlace, a blockchain-backed digital creations marketplace - think "Etsy for rare digital art". He is a YCombinator alum and was previously Head of Growth Engineering at Pinterest where he met Co-founder Yash Nelapati.