"Rarezo is a crypto artist and multi-disciplinary digital creator inspired by blockchain technology and new digital revolution. As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, Rarezo creates artworks that emphasize the importance and freeing feelings of decentralization and financial freedom.

A man of many mediums and pioneer in the NFT art space, Rarezo’s has worked extensively within the generative art medium predating the emergence of much of the hype and chatter that surrounds the medium today. Through his practice Rarezo explores the human condition, evolution of society and impact of the blockchain on humanity.

Through his experimentation and exploration of the generative art medium, Rarezo combines entrancing visuals with hypnotic sounds, using artificial intelligence to explore highly human themes. Rarezo explores our cultural origins and trajectories through a unique lens which blends raw creativity and technological prowess.

An early enabler of digital creativity within the NFT community, Rarezo made his first NFT sale on MakersPlace early last year (6-3=₿ on March 30th 2020 for 1 ETH or $127 at the time) and to date has amassed over $860K in sales, including the sale of Ride for 5 ETH almost a year later for 5 ETH or $9,137.5 at the time (now ~$16,919)"

Aisha Arif (https://rare.makersplace.com/2021/09/15/the-sound-of-gan-blocks-rarezo/)

Participant of the "THANK YOU MAKERS" – Exhibition 2021 https://rare.makersplace.com/2021/08/06/thank-you-makers-community-exhibition/?msID=074138e7-746a-4d35-8adb-2c20de410752