𓂋 𓂌 𓂍𓂓 Cr3ators with a m3ssag3 𓂓𓂍 𓂌𓂋

This project started with the dream of a better world - a world where people have the freedom to express who they are, who feel connected to one another & the earth and are empowered through that expression. We worked from the ground up in fashion design to create a brand/movement that appeals to multiple groups and audiences and unites them with central themes of positivity, love, and compassion.

At the same time, we wanted to extrapolate on the deeper, more philosophical aspects of ancient symbolism and visual metaphors. Through each artwork concept we create, we aim to bring knowledge, awareness, & inspiration to our followers and the people they encounter. Our mission is to open the minds of a society molded by a system that has kept us blind from our true potential. We've experienced an awakening within ourselves to perceive the divinity of each life and the reality in which we exist. Using our artwork, message, and platforms as a catalyst, our intent is to impact enough people to make a positive change in the world, no matter how small it may be.