In a time in which the boundaries of art seem to become more and more blurred, Primal Cyphers artworks convey a multifaceted field that includes benevolent social criticism as well as epistemological, psychoanalytical, philosophical and spiritual approaches. Inspired by new ways of expressing art, he makes use of new technologies to incorporate them. At the heart of his work is "the search for the inner self", "the joy of the creative process" and the unspoken obligation in the perception of human society NOT to stop at the obvious!

Besides his more serious approach, he also has an affinity for blockchain and in particular Ethereum, Anonymous, The Occupy and Cypherpunk movement, which is why some of his works revolve around this theme.

Primal Cypher studied philosophy, art, linguistics and psychoanalysis. He is a conceptual artist, designer, oil painter, writer and consultant. He currently works on a book about NFT art.