During the last 12 years, I developed the Augmented Klecksography Paintings (AKPs), with a process involving action painting, photography, and digital post-production.

PREMATURE is a fine art photography project that includes all the AKPs, pushing the boundaries of the creative possibility of inkblot art.

The union between klecksography and photography creates an outcome that immortalizes the freshness of each painting and enhances its details, where the original serves as a mere matrix to be augmented by the use of photography, making the digital file of the artwork the definitive piece of art, ready to be printed or minted in the Blockchain.

The genesis of a PREMATURE artwork resides in the silent dialogue established with paint which, after being thrown onto black cardboard and folded in two, it is shaped under my fingers, following the path of the matter until the point it can reveal itself before me.

The object of this revelation is the form that constitutes the work of art, depicting creatures never thought nor designed, figures of anthropomorphic beings coming from the future of the unconscious and loaded with such an inherent visual power that they take on a life of their own in front a viewer's sight.

As far as I know, I am the only artist alive to pursue this kind of research in klecksography, delivering this kind of visual outcome.
Because of its uniqueness, owning a PREMATURE artwork means owning a piece of art history that has yet to be written.

PREMATURE has been exhibited in many cities like Venice, Berlin, Miami Beach, it gained several recognitions in the fine art photography field, and it is periodically featured in art magazines.

Recent exhibitions and projects:

Premature 105 Geo-dropped in AR in Miami Beach during Art Basel 2021, curated by Eleonora Brizi x Mint Gold Dust

Participation in the NFT Art Week Shenzhen and Hangzhou curated by Neal Digital Gallery

Presentation of PREMATURE NFTs A/V Installation at Funkhaus Berlin

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