Prudence Geerts, the Belgium-based creator behind the work called Planet Prudence, reaches a world-wide, wholesome community built over the years where she's advocating and working towards a society where we can all be truly ourselves instead of what we were taught to be. She wants people to reclaim their own bodies and authenticity, shamelessly, perfectly and genuinely in a world where social media, advertisement and large companies are fighting to keep us insecure and small by feeding us images of people we are pressured to look up to, so edited that we will never be able to fit the picture as real-life human beings. We're in a world where we're being manipulated as pawns for the sake and well-being of their own businesses, politics and economy.

Regardless of what they say, it should be celebrated that we are flesh and blood, soulful, raw and REAL! It's time to reclaim ourselves, and our own power.

Her work is based on this concept in a psychedelic, realistic mixed with a bit of abstract painterly style, created digitally with the focus on reality, humanity and authenticity.