My story starts as a young teenager wanting and dreaming of becoming a manga artist and travelling to Japan, I was studying Art in college at the time.

One day my Art teacher's said "you'll never make it into the manga industry, instead focus on western painting methods" I felt very low and said what makes you say this.. "We just love your artwork and are trying to steer you in the right direction" and I said but do you know what manga is? "Yes yes it's just unpopular and weird Japanese art".

I dropped out of college and lost focus due to some major family issues, manga and Japan were the only things I had going for me I would always recreate dbz art or make my own in my bedroom that was my escape, eventually I left Art all together and went through a spiritual awakening of some kind.

Over the years I did try some pencil drawings but never felt connected, they were more like doodles to me, at the time in college there was no social media, no smart phones so it was much difficult in making links.

And now after 10 or 12 years I think, we have the #nftcommunity this craze or trend if you like has sparked my artist within and so here I am doing what I love and what I have once again dusted off to step into the creative world of my mind palace to create my own artworks.

Please enjoy this space and thank you in advance for your support & encouragement

Wytfang 🙏🏼