Flat Earth Baby

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This #glitch artwork deals with the question, if there is a connection between our physiognomy and our beliefs. Like French avant-garde artist Francis Picabia ones said: "Our head is round so that our thinking can change its direction."

Additional Details:
  • 1262 x 1578 px, JPEG (776.8 KB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
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Incredible! Wonderful glitchart. I love it.

Joern Bielewski

Thank you so much for your appreciation!


So beautiful. These colors create some impact. I would love to see this printed in large scale. Congratulations to the artist.

Joern Bielewski

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I totally agree, that it looks great in print and I'm willing to send any buyer a 300dpi version of this to make a beautiful print.


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