My family tells me that when I was a baby I had a point on my head that wouldn't go down. They were never specific on whether it was my head or my hair but that it supposedly took my grandmother covering my head with a pantyhose for 6 months for it to finally go down.

My grandmother said it reminded my grandfather of a puntito (point/peak/dot), so they nicknamed me, Pico. I HATED IT!!!

Fast forward to January 2018, a friend asked me to look into blockchain because Bitcoin was becoming "a thing."

In the process I came across a video on YouTube of Dr. Hugo De Garis speaking on nano, pico, and femtotechnology.

As I am sure that many of you can attest to your own trials and tribulations. I am no different. So when, Dr. Hugo De Garis told me that nothing in nature existed on the picoscale, it made sense as to why no one understood me because they simply can not see me.

I am Picotech!