PAYJACK is an analog and digital photographer based in Germany.

"My images are mostly sensual, provocative, placative or erotic in nature."

His work is a mixture of analog and digital imagery and techniques. Working with very old analog cameras, he pushes the limits of this medium with digital techniques, to create a combination of both worlds, everything to reach the goal of the image and desired mood.

"My inspiration comes from my lifestyle and muses aswell as artists like Serpieri, Manara, Giger, Gainsbourg etc. Artists who embrace the erotic feminine shape, sensuality, charisma and persona ."

Coming from a Visual Design background he has two decades of experience as a Freelance Digital Artist and is specialized in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics for commercials, brand-films, music videos and feature films.

"I am passionate about creating images of the highest standards for Full CG Productions or the seamless integration between CGI and Live-Action Footage."

Besides his graphical work, he is a passionate Sound- and Music-Producer which often helps approach his daily, visual work,
from a different perspective.

"What I do is create images, period." -Frank Frazetta