Mother Flower

Flowers were submerged in an aquarium. After being mirrored, their original angles were fractioned, fragmented, splintered and multiplied. The autophagy of the original work spread seeds and eternalized the magic of childhood, resulting in a symmetrically standardized chaos, a kaleidoscope of ambiguous fluidity, which seduces by diverging and converging, contracting and expanding. By being at once yin and yang. Mother Flower originates from a rare subseries of my digigraphies, which are digital mixtures of drawings made with traditional Chinese ink and photographs of strange, colorful objects inside an aquarium. Digigraphies are a separate arm within my painting oeuvre, made in water, either in studios or in Brazilian river waters. The concept focuses on the flow of our lives. In collaboration with visual artist Sol Galvão, and sound designer Pedro Conforti, I developed this NFT collection.