Artist and designer, I have experience in a wide range of areas of visual creativity, such as art direction, graphic and motion design, photography, video and coding.
I have a fascination for mixing technology with the artistic creation, not only as a tool but as an inspiration and part of the creative practice, which keeps me in constant learning and expanding my field of action.

My career has been a constant struggle to balance (and eventually unite) my commercial work with my personal projects, not all the time with success, but with many satisfactions, it has allowed me to know and learn with great artists and creatives, have participated in different exhibitions, performance and publications, worked with large advertising agencies and animation and post production studios, to travel and acquire all kinds of experiences and be able to document it, and have the means to continue on this path.
I currently share my time between freelance jobs as an art director and 3D generalist, with my experiments in procedural animation, simulations and learning more about interactive and new media art.