I create generative and evolutionary art via custom-coded software. I seek to create work that demonstrates the emergence of complex visual patterns out of simple rules. My recent work uses algorithms to combine shapes, ribbons, and gradients of color into abstract works based on randomized genetic variables. I use an evolutionary model to "breed" many generations of offspring from a given random image, until I’ve curated a final group of images to share publicly.


You can learn more about my process in depth here: https://onlygenerated.art/evolutionary-approach-generative-art/

Every image I publish on blockchain via MakersPlace is a unique edition of 1, but I use three additional descriptive parameters to help buyers gauge the relative scarcity of any given image style, given the unique nature of generative art.

The Series label refers to a unique code base. Images generated within the same Series will be similar in that they will all follow the same underlying rules for creation, although their individual genetic variables will all be slightly different. I loosely follow a three-letter series versioning system, where the first letter implies a major change to the code, the second letter implies a moderate change, and the third letter refers to a minor change. Keep in mind that sometimes even a minor change to the underlying code can result in very different output.

The Group label refers to a specific population of offspring that I’ve curated from a given set of output from a series and chosen to sell and/or display. Sometimes the group is formed as a result of actively breeding a specific image to generate similar offspring. Other times a group may be formed simply based on accidental shared characteristics like color or shape. The number of groups from a given series may be limited or unlimited. I currently plan to only publish limited groups per series when publishing to MakersPlace.

The Iteration label refers to an individual image generated based on one unique set of genetic variables. The number of iterations per group can be either limited or unlimited. I currently plan to only publish limited iterations per group when publishing to MakersPlace.

The Edition label refers to the number of copies available for purchase of any one given iteration. I currently plan to only publish unique 1/1 editions on MakersPlace or anywhere else on blockchain.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for your interest. I am open to requests and commissions, so please visit my Instagram page and follow to see the wider breadth of my art output. I enjoy applying my techniques to figurative/portrait work as well, so I can create something more personal to you if interested.