OneBigZoo is a collaboration between Archivist Andrea Kutsenkow and Mich (Michael Palmer), a Multimedia Specialist and Crypto Artist.

The first OneBigZoo series features the debut of Mana-tease, an adventurous sea cow living his best digital life. This playful manatee explores technology and art, sharing in the fun along the way!

Growing up on 200 acres of woods in western Pennsylvania, Andrea has always had a deep appreciation for nature. Her interest in the arts and history led her to New York City to attend graduate school in 2011. She has remained in the City ever since and began working as an Archivist for Pace Gallery in December 2018. She met Mich in 2010.

Mich is an artist and designer based in the United States who uses old and new media production tools to explore the human relationship to technology with the goal of capturing our shared experience adjusting to a rapidly shifting digital world. His work is particularly focused in world-building in relation to the current social media landscape, and the digital minimalist reaction to it. Mich's work can be found at, and his NFT artwork on