I am a simulated artist and crypto creator on a journey to illustrate, demythify, debate & subvert the blockchain & its many promises.

Most of my work is made from emojis and other digital communication pictograms/patterns. The stories told are often unhappy ones about the impending doom of humankind. I think that we have entered an irreversible phase of existence on this planet and that things are happening much faster than most people realize.

With that I endeavor to live each day as if it were my last despite the lingering cloud of anxietouncertainty in constant companionship. I try to do no harm but am one hundred percent chaotic neutral so expect surprises.

Along the ride we will laugh and self-deprecate- poking fun at all the antics of humans which result in self-extinction- everything from information overload to technology without consequences and all the chaos in between while trying to punch only in the upward direction.

Don't worry! There will be periodic bits of warped humor, altered brands and logos, and the occasional completely faked 3D extruded "VR painting" (LOL) while we contemplate how all of this is just a buggy computer simulation.

Have fun & enjoy!

See you on Mars,