I am a Photographer / Photographic Artist based out of Las Vegas, Nevada USA . I started shooting and creating photographic art in 2009 and have been doing it ever since then. There is a long story of how I got into it and why but I'll save that for another time.

My focus is on creating sensual, erotic and surreal art often blending all three most often featuring the beauty of the female form. I do however venture off and explore other styles and genres of photography from time to time to keep it fresh and fun.

To me in my art the post work is equally as important as the photography. I blend photography with digital art, it’s mixed media to me. I also love to shoot Polaroid & Instax.

I'm looking forward to uploading some of my favorite works and also creating some Makersplace Exclusives in the future. I also plan to keep my number of editions smaller at first so that people that buy my art on here have a better chance of it appreciating and gaining value.

When you buy my art you are supporting me as an artist and make it possible for me to continue to create art. A lot of time, energy and in some cases money goes into creating my art, as it all starts with photography and requires me, a model and very often a make up artist. Then there are hours and hours of me working alone both before the shoot and in post production in editing and creating the final image you see.

About My Pricing: The Selling Price Increases as the Edition Sells Out. So #1 will cost much less than #10.

Nico Simon Princely

PS: I have been on here since 2019. Did not show up in the search or activity feed for some reason, I was told there is a bug it seems to be fixed now. My first sale recently came when someone found me on another site but came here to buy it. My second sell on MP came only hours after listing that work. I sell my work on physical products every single day and have been published in a Playboy International Magazine and Fitness magazines.

Follow me on my social media to see my latest drops as I sell on multiple marketplaces.