Not Fungible


Not Fungible is a story-based NFT art curator, bringing some of the most timeless masterpieces of creative brilliance to the art industry. To help promote the next generation of art curation, Not Fungible also runs the artist incubator, finding the best talents in the space and bringing them together to learn, engage and curate some truly exceptional works. All of this coalesces together in the metaverse, with Not Fungible's landmark 'Arts Complex' in Decentraland - where exclusive events are hosted and the best NFT art gallery in the entire industry exists today. Learn More



Not Fungible’s inaugural signature series Chronicles tells the story of cryptocurrency through exquisitely crafted NFT’s. The collection recounts the most iconic moments in crypto, year through year. Every artist has been handpicked to work on this collection, which boasts some of the most talented creative minds in the NFT art space, each telling a chapter in the book of cryptocurrency history. Join us on this journey as we explore one of the greatest stories ever told through art.


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