NFTime# is the right to the future lifetime of the author. NFTime# is similar as a Call option with a face value equal to the amount of the author's lifetime and can be presented for repayment on any date. NFTime# isn’t a dinner with a star, prostitution or slavery. NFTime# isn’t tied to the author's characteristics, previous work, talents, achievements, or merits, but it doesn’t exclude this. NFTime# gives the buyer the right to decide how, when and on what time will be spent, taking into account the conditions specified in the repayment contract. The owner of Time# chooses the method of repayment: online or offline, in the real or virtual world, at what point in the universe or time space. The owner of Time# chooses which resources of the author of NFTime# will be used: physical, intellectual, virtual or only temporary. The entire result of the physical, intellectual, virtual labor or temporary resource of the author during the repayment period of NFTime# belongs to the buyer.
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