NFTime# is the right to the future lifetime of the author. NFTime# is similar as a Call option with a face value equal to the amount of the author's lifetime and can be presented for repayment on any date. NFTime# isn’t a dinner with a star, prostitution or slavery. NFTime# isn’t tied to the author's characteristics, previous work, talents, achievements, or merits, but it doesn’t exclude this. NFTime# gives the buyer the right to decide how, when and on what time will be spent, taking into account the conditions specified in the repayment contract. The owner of Time# chooses the method of repayment: online or offline, in the real or virtual world, at what point in the universe or time space. The owner of Time# chooses which resources of the author of NFTime# will be used: physical, intellectual, virtual or only temporary. The entire result of the physical, intellectual, virtual labor or temporary resource of the author during the repayment period of NFTime# belongs to the buyer.

The collection consists of 365 days + 1 day for a leap year. Time is a unique and non-renewable resource. I decided to launch the first ever NFTime# with a face value equal to the future lifetime of the author of NFTime#.
I want to draw your attention to the fact that you can now proceed from the current conditions, but perhaps in the future time will become the currency of mutual settlements and will be tied to the gold or other standard? And who knows where the future will lead us, but I can say for sure that now you are buying part of it, because NFTime# is nominated in the future time. Maybe my time now will not be valued very highly, but how much will it be worth in 10, 20, or 30 years?