It started with an empty canvas and a dream: 1 Goal, 1 Million Pixels. To be the first limited release Global NFT, created by the community, for the community. There are 1 Million pixels available on the canvas and EVERY contributor who uploaded an image, will receive a copy of the completed NFT. As a community, we officially filled the canvas of 1 Million pixels on Thursday May 13th, 2021 encompassing more than 1,000 artists, painters, athletes, celebrities and influencers in over 30 countries! 38 contributors are 'Verified' Instagram profiles and some of these World renowned names now cemented as part of this historic NFT Pixel Project are:

Millionaire Mentor (7.7 Million Followers)
Tohi (6.3 Million Followers)
Danny Casale (2.4 Million Followers)
NFL Hall of Famer: Terrell Owens (81 Blocks for #81)
Ryan Williams (3-Time X Games Gold Medalist)
Sonna Rele
Oliver Latta
Andreas Wannerstedt
Antoni Tudisco
Ronald Ong
Chad Knight
Federico Clapis
Lucas Zanotto
Murat Akyol
Kaiwan Shaban
Jon Burgerman
Zigor Samaniego
Alex Trochut
Ali Sabet (In addition to many more extremely talented artists).

Giving back has always been a big part of who I am. As a result, 11.1% of the proceeds of this auction will go to the #Walk2EndALZ (Alzheimer’s) charity. We chose 11.1% because 111 is the numerical sign for manifestation and prosperity and we want everyone to have a positive reflection of this project.

We want to show our full support behind all the artists that contributed to the canvas, as this whole historic NFT movement wouldn't be possible without them! As a 'secret bonus' to the drop, in addition to donating 11.1% to the #Walk2EndALZ (Alzheimer's) foundation, we're also donating an additional 5% of the proceeds from this auction towards the 'PangeaSeed Foundation' and their Sea Walls public art program, educating and inspiring individuals and communities through ARTivism.

This canvas is in honor of my late Grandma – the strongest woman I’ve ever known and her 100 pixel square was the final block that completed the canvas to reach 1,000,000 pixels.

I hope you enjoy this canvas as much as the entire NFT community enjoyed creating it!