It started with an empty canvas and a dream: 1 Goal, 1 Million Pixels. To be the first limited release Global NFT, created by the community, for the community. As a community, we officially filled the canvas of 1 Million pixels on Thursday May 13th, 2021 encompassing more than 1,000 artists, painters, athletes, celebrities and influencers in over 30 countries!

Our very rare NFT Pixel Project coin collection represents all the incredible artists, painters, animators, influencers, athletes and designers coming from all over the World that contributed to the completed canvas! The total collection consists of 1,111 coins made of wood, obsidian, marble, gold, platinum, ruby and diamond, being displayed in many shapes: Coin with a hole, Scalloped edge, Heptagonal etc. On one side is a tribute to the artists and the completed canvas and on the other side is our logo.

Some of these World renowned names now cemented as part of this historic NFT Pixel Project are:

Millionaire Mentor (7.7 Million Followers)
Tohi (6.3 Million Followers)
Danny Casale (2.4 Million Followers)
NFL Hall of Famer: Terrell Owens (81 Blocks for #81)
Ryan Williams (3-Time X Games Gold Medalist)
Sonna Rele
Oliver Latta
Andreas Wannerstedt
Antoni Tudisco
Ronald Ong
Chad Knight
Federico Clapis
Lucas Zanotto
Murat Akyol
Kaiwan Shaban
Jon Burgerman
Zigor Samaniego
Alex Trochut
Ali Sabet (In addition to many more extremely talented artists).