NEOSUTRAS is a art & dance fusion inspired by nature and sacred geometry - the geometrical laws which govern everything in existence.
Neosutras has been created by a world-renowned dancer, Pola Rubis, and the founder of CyberYoga, Lamonte Goode, as a combination of yoga, breakdance, contemporary and acrobatics, that evolved into the art where it fuses photography, animation, body painting.

This innovative art of dance merges ancient wisdom and modern body-
mind-soul teachings, as it captures universal oneness and human synergy
through strong and sensual movement that connects past, present and future.

Pola Rubis is the photographer, artist, movement designer from Siberia. Lamonte Goode is African American choreographer, dancer, yogi. Both based in Los Angeles.
Both creators are SM influencers and authors of the book: "Yoga for Love and Intimacy".

"Our mission is to awaken the audience to the infinite consciousness
possibilities through the mindful, empowering and meaningful art-body
language of Neosutras.
We are creating to raise the vibrations through movement & art, to inspire couples and individuals to build and maintain authentic connections."

Love Matters.