Necrofearfx is a self-taught 3D multidisciplinary digital artist based in Albania, who has been able to develop and expand his creative abilities in many graphic programs over a few years. At first glance the most remarkable thing about his portfolio is variability, as he loves to experiment with different styles and contents. His 3D renders are mainly focused on classical art, gothic- dark visuals, which are recognized for the extremely detailed textures, patterns, earth tones, gold highlights, related stories and considerable complexity after engaging multiple techniques and merging different software.
Inspired by life elements of antiquity, mythological characters and ancient traces of the distant past (dispersed here and there with signs of the intriguing future), you can easily find yourself deeply dived into a hyper realistic world of another dimension of time… then again close enough to convey actuality issues at the same time.
This journey is just the beginning, as he keeps challenging himself by digging deeper into new disciplines to build stronger features, which continue to progress with new exciting artworks and collaborations within the space of crypto art community.