After graduating in the year 2000 in both the visual arts and graphic design I settled in my first studio and continued painting in oil & acrylic, making sculptures, experimenting with paintbrush, photography, audio and video, constructing installations and much much more.

Besides creating for the sake of art I was lucky to find some creative jobs such as being a special FX painter, decor and light artist for theather and events, a video technician and director for live events of an on the road radio-show and the making of decor for TV series, movies and festivals . This way I kept myself submerged in the world of visualization and kept adding to my collection of skills.

One day - after deciphering and following up on the advice coming from an overwhelmingly colorful being in one of my dreams - my artistic efforts pivoted, took off and have allowed me to join many international festivals and events - reaching to the far corners of Europe, Japan, South Africa, Australia and the US.

At this very moment I am still focused on deeper exploring my visionary path while using a mixture of new-born methods in the digital realm. My latest exhibitions included a panorama of digital art prints enhanced with vivid layers of augmented reality and supported by some video projections they made a smooth transition to my 360° VR art installation content.

Mind-expanding visions and offering a glimpse behind the increasingly becoming transparent veil form the common thread throughout my oeuvre. I could ramble on for hours about being inspired by the many great path clearing dreamers, visionaries and philosophers, pioneers and shamans , writers, musicians and artists who all used the same kind of mental tools to connect the dots in this quite mystical world.

My works are an attempt to translate these culture-bridging and world-unifying psychedelic experiences into a recognizable and soul-touching visual inner language. And thus with not only the goal to inspire spine chilling awe but to go beyond and pierce through the self generated mirror-world and stay connected directly to the source.

"We are One."