Nadiia Forkosh

City Life

Ukrainian artist Nadiia Forkosh is currently based in a small Ukrainian town immediately bordering Romania, where she’s lived since she escaped Kyiv in February 2022, at the start of the war in Ukraine. Normally someone who works across physical and digital mediums, Nadiia — having been forced out of her Kyiv studio — is lately working exclusively in digital. Learn More



We don't know what the city is. We are absorbed in city life. For many, the city is the world. It is impossible to embrace the world as a whole, but it is possible, through city events, to show the life of the city. The city brings us together. In the city we experience joy and happiness. In the city, time also flows in a special way. But the world of the city can be destroyed. You can destroy its walls. But it is impossible to burn the heart of the city.

For her first major drop with MakersPlace, Nadiia's work is thick with yearning for home, though she’s aware that even if she goes back to the place, she won’t be returning home.


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