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Digital art inspired by the emotions and thoughts that come to our mind and can be bigger than us or insignificant you decide.

Additional Details:
  • 14115 x 12444 px, PNG (20.0 MB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
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Recent History

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Purchased for Ξ0.15000 ($36.09) 68 days ago

Rafael Michelena's Recent Collectors

Collector Creation Edition Acquired for
Ethereal Monster. 1 of 1 Ξ0.25 ($94.15)
Never out of my mind 1 of 1 Ξ0.25 ($94.15)
Coming to Crypto City 1 of 1 Ξ0.25 ($95.78)
When smoking 1 of 1 Ξ0.25 ($98.21)
Midnight rain 1 of 1 Undisclosed
Midnight rain 1 of 1 Undisclosed
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