A visual artist based in Belgium, Musketon's career started out of his teenage bedroom more than 10 years ago. In that time he has developed a bold, colorful, and accessible style, with an almost obsessive commitment to detail. Seriously. Zoom in up to 64,000% on his work and feast your eyes along the way as you take in an almost exponentially expanding visual field. The quality of his 100% vector graphic output and his exceptional work ethic helped Musketon land clients like Nike and Coca-Cola, and those same qualities allowed him to walk away from brand services completely when he decided he had had enough. Learn More




Wiktianary defines a crypto bro this way:
(slang, sometimes derogatory) An enthusiastic male cryptocurrency supporter, especially a dogmatic, condescending one.

GQ UK used almost 800 cutting words to describe their style. Insider went a step further, using 1,662 to nail down the crypto bro and how uniquely capable they are of making everyone they speak to want to scream bloody murder. Fortune wrote about them too, though whatever they had to say is stuck behind a paywall. True to form, Musketon's outdone them all with a single image, which impressed one manufacturer so much that they reached out to him to make an actual toy. This is satire at its finest, and just in time for the holidays.

This series of 200 NFTs comes with a first-ever physical toy by Musketon. We're offering these for $250 a pop if you buy within the first 24 hours. After that, it's gonna be an extra fifty bucks. Sorry not sorry, bro. Each physical toy will be numbered by the artist to match the edition number of the NFT purchased.

FOMO exists because of opportunities like this. You know what to do.


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