MrDheo began his graffiti journey in 2000. After a few years of painting letters ilegally on the streets of Porto - where he was born - he started creating his own characters which brought attention to his work, allowing him to turn his hobbie into a business on a early stage of his career.

In 2008 he had his first invitation to take his work abroad, painting live on a festival in Manchester. This experience, as well as his on going collaborations with famous brands and companies gave him exposure which led to more international invitations. Up to this day, MrDheo painted in more than 40 cities around the globe in countries such as USA, China, Brasil, Colombia, Indonesia or South Africa. With clients such as Adidas, Swatch, Nespresso or FC Porto, he has also exhibited at the United Nations headquarters in New York and wrote his name on 3 Guinness World Records in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah.

In April 2021 he joined the NFT space by adapting his street work into digital assets, as a way to eternalize something that is - by nature - ephemeral. This transiction also allows him to enhance the concepts and messages behind each artwork by using specific animations, musics or sound effects, turning each NFT into something completely new and subject to new interpretations.